On August 10th, 2022, the Charity Donation and Bitarchitects teams hosted the former Minister of Environment, his excellency minister Fady Jreissaty.

The teams presented a series of presentations. Beginning with an overview of current events in Lebanon, the teams highlighted the various positive initiatives that started in recent years, despite all downfalls, showcasing the events that the media fails to feature. The teams emphasized the resilience of the Lebanese people, showcasing the people’s ability to adapt to sudden changes. “Many initiatives in Lebanon could not be possible without the continued volunteering of young ambitious hopefuls,” noted Tamara Ramadan.

Other team members, Alice Abou Chakra and Farah Ferbaj presented pieces of trivia regarding the rise of small local businesses and the beneficial events of the past years. “Did you know that there are over 10 000 initiatives in Lebanon today?” asked Alice. Team member Samer Abdulbaki discussed home-based businesses and the significant rise such ventures have seen in recent years, detailing the strength and hardiness of Lebanese locals, as they continued to find solutions to withstand increasingly difficult circumstances.

Furthermore, surveys of Charity Donation and Bitarchitects were presented, highlighting noteworthy campaigns and projects. Samer Abdulbaki drew attention to the fact that Charity Donation “truly values integrity, responsibility, leadership, respect, and diversity.”

Similarly, Hadil Hilal, Raleen El Baitam, and Rimane Osman presented various projects developed by Bitarchitects. Additionally, they discussed Bitarchitects’ mission to connect local Lebanese talents to international clients, allowing young ambitious graduates to reach their full potential.

Concluding the meeting was a Q&A with Minister Jreissaty in which various topics were tackled. From the steps leading to his success to tips on networking, a selection of discussions were held. “Networking is very important in the modern age,” Minister Jreissaty answered, “I advise you all to remain respectful of others, you never know who could lend you a helping hand down the road.” 

Minister Jreissaty also applauded the presence of many well-spoken young determined women, stating “I have three girls at home. It makes me very happy to see such ambitious ladies here.” Minister Jreissaty also discussed the importance of not limiting oneself. As a man who has dabbled and succeeded in diverse fields, he noted “Do not limit yourself. If you do not like your field, it is never too late to change your path.”

 Additionally, Minister Jreissaty expressed his hope for the future, “change is possible.” Addressing the young participants, he explained, “When you don’t compromise and accept things as they are, you will turn things around.”

The meeting spread a message of hope and endurance to all present participants. It is important for the Lebanese people to continue venturing forward, notwithstanding ongoing difficulties. We thank Minister Jreissaty for the ambition and drive he instilled in all attendees.

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