On Tuesday, July 19th, 2022, Bitarchitects and Charity Donation teams had the pleasure of meeting with Lebanese architect, Founder of Le Sabra Architecture, Mr. Ahmad Sabra.

The meeting began with an overview of Charity Donation and the timeline of events that have shaped it as an organization. This interesting and detailed survey was soon followed by presentations given by the charity donation interns in which they introduced themselves and explained their role at the charity.

The importance of social media for both architects and NGOs was discussed, as Mr. Sabra shared details regarding his own online presence.

Later, the Bitarchitects teams presented the company portfolio while discussing projects that they have recently developed, ranging from ice cream parlors to coffeeshops, encapsulating a range of varying deconstructivity concepts, to classic and modern.

The discussion culminated with a Q&A in which Mr. Sabra answered the burning questions the teams had prepared. A delightful atmosphere of camaraderie and hope enlightened the participants as Mr. Sabra shared details of his own treacherous path towards success.

We extend our gratitude towards Mr. Sabra for instilling a sense of optimism amongst all members of Charity Donation and Bitarchitects.

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