On Wednesday, 17th of August, 2022, Charity Donation and Bitarchitects Teams hosted Ambassador Elie Turk, an accomplished diplomat with more than twenty-five years of experience.

With the aim of providing an optimistic view of their beloved country, the teams showcased a series of recent beneficial events occurring in Lebanon. “No matter how bad things may seem, the Lebanese always find a reason to party,” noted team member Samer Abdulbaki. Moreover, Samer highlighted various famous Lebanese hotspots, drawing attention to one of Lebanon’s most loved facets: Its nightlife.

Later, various initiatives were showcased by team member Tamara Ramadan, including Marsa and Kafa. “It’s very important to underscore the role young people have played in these projects,” she added. “If it weren’t for the ambition of Lebanese youth, they wouldn’t have succeeded.”

Furthermore, team members Farah Kerbaj and Alice Abou Chakra showcased Lebanon’s beautiful environment and pleasant weather through engaging trivia questions. “Did you know that El Chouf Reserve is Lebanon’s largest natural reserve?” asked Farah.

In addition, the Bitarchitects team explained their organization’s history and missions, with team member Raleen El Baitam stating: “We aim to connect Lebanese talents with overseas clients.” The teams also took Ambassador Turk on a journey through their previous projects, highlighting the versatility of their work and the adaptability of their team.

The meeting concluded with a set of questions proposed to Ambassador Turk. The team members eagerly asked Ambassadors Turk about his path to success and his views on various subjects.

“Always aim to broaden your circle,” noted Ambassador Turk. “Nowadays, what you know matters little in comparison to whom you know.” Ambassador Turk also explained his experience in other countries as a diplomat, “Travel is essential. It is so important to immerse yourself in other cultures. I have learned something important from every country I have visited.”

Ambassador Turk commented in terms of his career, “it is not easy to become a diplomat. It is a kaleidoscope of many skills, like charisma, language speaking, and culture. Regardless, with the needed determination, you too can join the sphere of diplomacy.”

We thank Ambassador Turk for his meaningful contributions and insight into the world of diplomacy and politics.

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