On Tuesday April 11th, 2023,  Bitarchitects virtually hosted Deputy Camille Dory Chamoun, a current member of the Lebanese Parliament, aiming to showcase the company’s profile while learning from his extensive life experience within the team empowerment curriculum.

After the welcoming note, Bitarchitects team took Deputy Chamoun through a quick journey across the Lebanese Architecture phases, introducing the context and the different eras.

The team then went to introduce the history of the company and explained the main mission and goals, while exposing a variety of projects that emphasized the versatility of the work, the adaptability of the team, and the power of architecture. The presentation highlighted the fact that Bitarchitects is an international team, coming from all over the world conveying one message of sustainable architecture, team work, and success.

The virtual presentation concluded with a Q&A where Deputy Chamoun gave some tips and tricks about his personal achievements and life experiences. He shared what he went through in his life, the power of endurance, tolerance and sometimes even acceptance but most importantly the need to carry-on and stay positive.

The Deputy’s main tip was “Be you and never try to be someone else, everyone is special in their own way.

Bitarchitects always strives to empower its teams, and pushes them to learn from successful people. As the firm leads with respect to tradition, it is integral that everyone onboard learns from giants that etched a mark in this life, regardless of what field they served, everyone can be inspirational.