Bitarchitects has recently launched its Summer Internship Program for 2023. The program started on Monday, June 5th, and attracted an impressive number of over a hundred  aspiring architecture students and young professionals from various countries. After undergoing a rigorous screening process, only fourteen candidates successfully secured a place in the program.

The selection process consisted of four distinct stages, including the submission of CV resumes, cover letters, portfolio screenings, and initial architectural interviews. The shortlisted candidates then progressed to a second personal interview, culminating in a challenging 24 hour competition project.

The chosen interns come from diverse backgrounds, representing Lebanon, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, and the United States of America. Throughout the 12-week program, the interns will participate in virtual sessions under the guidance and supervision of experienced business and design professionals. This immersive experience will expose them to realistic architectural work, U.S. building codes, and regulations, while also focusing on the development of their interpersonal skills, vital in the architecture profession.

During the program, the interns will engage in a wide range of activities, including schematic projects, technical research, design modifications, construction specifications, and various other projects. Emphasis will be placed on honing their communication skills, as effective collaboration and networking are essential aspects of the architecture field. Moreover, the interns will gain valuable knowledge in soft skills, architecture, construction, and professional networking.

Bitarchitects, recognized as one of the fastest-growing startups in Washington DC, is deeply committed to giving back to society by fostering collaboration with young professionals. Through this internship, the company aims to boost the interns’ self-confidence and equip them with the necessary skills to navigate the challenges and obstacles they may encounter in the real world of architecture.