Bitarchitects – Where Vision Meets Innovation

Founded in 2016 as a design studio in Lebanon, Bitarchitects swiftly emerged as a beacon of architectural brilliance. With a professional design firm license in Washington, D.C., and a reach that spans across states, Bitarchitects has redefined the landscape of architectural excellence.

Our Journey:

2016: Bitarchitects began its transformative journey as a design studio in Lebanon, laying the foundation for innovative architectural solutions.

2017: The company made its mark by publishing its first sustainability study in Lebanon, showcasing a commitment to eco-friendly design practices.

2019: Bitarchitects celebrated an official office launch in Zahle, Lebanon, further expanding its presence and expertise in the architectural realm.

2020: The groundbreaking sustainability study was published on Amazon, reaching a global audience and establishing Bitarchitects as pioneers in sustainable architecture.

2021: Bitarchitects expanded its horizons, setting up a studio in California, USA, bringing its innovative designs to the American West Coast.

2022: Bitarchitects achieved official registration in Washington, D.C., solidifying its presence as a distinguished architectural firm in the heart of the nation’s capital.

2022: Recognition came swiftly as Bitarchitects earned its place on the AIA directory, a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to architectural excellence.

2022: In the same year, Bitarchitects accomplished a remarkable feat – completing 38 projects in its very first year in the field of architecture.

2023: The visionary founder of Bitarchitects was honored as a D.C. power player, further cementing the company’s reputation as a leading force in the architectural industry.