Bitarchitects, LLC opened its Summer Internship 2023 for architectural students to intern with its International team.


  • Managing design projects from concept development until completion
  • Conducting research and compiling reports on feasibility and environmental impact
  • Complying with safety standards and international planning regulations
  • Determining and adhering to budgets and timelines
  • Creating posts, and pages to attract customers
  • Adjusting designs and plans to meet the client’s needs
  • Preparing drawings, blueprints, specifications, and construction documents
  • Collaborating with other construction professionals
  • Attending Bitarchitects meetings

Required major: University level; BA in Architecture

Location: Virtual

Working hours:

  • Monday to Thursday at least 5 hours working/day
  • Zoom meetings with management in Washington DC from Monday to Thursday at 10.00 PM Beirut time

Major Notes:

  • The daily meeting attendance is mandatory (the intern that cannot join the meeting must send an official email mentioning the reason he/she cannot attend)
  • The work of the day can be done at the intern’s convenient time (as long as the work is done)
  • Under any circumstances any intern who leaves the internship program before it ends will not receive a certificate of completion nor a recommendation letter.

Benefits of the internship:

  • Exposure to real life architecture experience
  • Contact with genuine teamwork coordination
  • Discover US building codes and regulations
  • Enhance Self confidence and self motivation

Payment Methods: Unpaid

Duration: 3 months approx. (Monday, June 5th, 2023, until Thursday, August 25th, 2023)

How to apply: Send your CV to, with a portfolio and a cover letter (mentioning why he/she would like to intern with Bitarchitects and what is their ultimate aspiration with the company)

Registration deadline: May 26th, 2023