Muir Tenant Improvement

Mr. Muir has recently secured a commercial space for his upcoming take-out restaurant and plans to modify it to suit his needs. To bring his vision to life, Mr. Muir has sought the expertise of the Bitarchitects team.

Bitarchitects is working on transforming the commercial space into a fully functional take-out restaurant. The team is  ensuring that the design accommodates accessibility needs, making the space inclusive for all customers.

By collaborating with Bitarchitects, Mr. Muir can rest assured that his restaurant will be equipped with well-designed and thoughtfully planned spaces, ensuring optimal functionality and compliance with relevant regulations.


FSA | S. Muir

Project Location:

Oroville, CA

Project Type:

Commercial: Food/Entertainment

Project Valuation:

386,500.00 USD

Built-Up Area:

773 SF

Construction Type:

Type III

Project Zoning:


Number of Floors:


Building Code:

2019 California Building Code

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