Whitmore Remodel & Addition

The project involves a duplex one-family house situated on a spacious 12,150 SF green lot with a scenic view. The 1.2 million USD valued residence, is undergoing renovations to accommodate the extended family. Additionally, the project includes expanding the garage to a larger size and adding a 1,200 SF deck space that overlooks the garden.

Bitarchitects is helping with all the architectural design and construction documentation to accommodate this remodel and addition.


FSA | J. Whitmore

Project Location:

Tahoe City, CA

Project Type:

Residential: 1 Family House

Project Valuation:

1,178,400.00 USD

Land Area: 

Built-Up Area: 

Construction Type:

Type IV

Project Zoning:

RS- Residential Single Family

Number of Floors:



2019 California  Building Code