3900 4th St SE

The 3900 4th Street SE project involves the expansion of an existing multi-family residence, comprising different apartments. The property owner recently initiated plans to develop the basement area by adding three new residential units to the lower level. Bitarchitects was commissioned for this task, entrusted with ensuring code compliance, revising old construction documentation, and facilitating the incorporation of three additional residential units in the basement area. Bitarchitects’ role extended beyond mere construction documentation; they were pivotal in navigating the complexities of zoning regulations, seeking relief for the existing non-conformity of the property. In addition to meticulously preparing the necessary construction documents, Bitarchitects spearheaded efforts in zoning and permitting processes, ensuring alignment with local regulations and securing the essential permits required for the expansion project. This collaborative effort by Bitarchitects aimed not only to accommodate the addition of new residential units in the basement but also to address existing non-conformities effectively. The project underscores Bitarchitects’ comprehensive expertise, seamlessly blending code compliance, construction documentation, and zoning proficiency to facilitate the expansion and enhancement of 3900 4th Street SE as a multi-family residence.


T. Gaines

Project Location:

Washington, DC

Project Type:

1 Family House

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Built-Up Area:

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Project Zoning:

Number of Floors:

Building Code:

2017 District of Columbia