Coleman Transient Lodge

Mr. Coleman, a shrewd investor, is looking to diversify his investment portfolio while owning a townhouse in Washington, DC. With a deep understanding of the investment world, he envisions transforming his townhouse into two distinct units: a restaurant and a separate residential space. These units will be operated independently and leased to different entities.

To achieve this vision, Mr. Coleman has enlisted the expertise of Bitarchitects. Their role is to assist in dividing the townhouse into separate elements, effectively creating two units that can cater to different uses.


T. Coleman

Project Location:

Washington, DC

Project Type:

Residential: 1 Family House

Project Valuation:

758,690.00 USD

Built-Up Area:

2,532 SF

Construction Type:

Type V-B

Project Zoning:


Number of Floors:


Building Code:

2017 District of Columbia Building Code