Grant Home Remodel

Ms. Grant, an ambitious engineer with an entrepreneurial spirit, has recently purchased a condominium near the headquarters of the company she is building. Driven by her vision for the metaverse, Ms. Grant is determined to convert her condo into an ADA accessible workspace that serves as an inspiring hub for metaverse-related activities.

Despite the constraints of being confined to a chair, Ms. Grant is resolute in her efforts to create a workspace that not only complies with ADA accessibility standards but also fosters creativity and innovation within the metaverse industry.


S. Grant

Project Location:

Bethesda, MD

Project Type:

Residential: 1 Family House

Project Valuation:

539,800.00 USD

Built-Up Area:

1,576 SF

Construction Type:


Project Zoning:


Number of Floors:

In a Building


2018 International Building Code