Green Residence Remodel

Mr. Green, a passionate enthusiast of historic spaces, has recently acquired a charming historic townhouse in Baltimore. Inspired by the rich heritage of the property, he aims to preserve its main features while transforming it into a modern and comfortable living space for his family.

To fulfill his vision, Mr. Green has enlisted the expertise of Bitarchitects. Their role is to ensure code compliance and meticulously handle all architectural details, enabling Mr. Green’s aspiration to come to life. By blending the essence of the townhouse’s historic charm with contemporary design elements, Bitarchitects will help create a space that harmoniously combines the old and the new, providing a delightful home for Mr. Green and his family.


M. Green

Project Location:

Baltimore, MD

Project Type:

Residential: 1 Family House

Project Valuation:

54,900.00 USD

Built-Up Area:

1,032 SF

Construction Type:

Group III-B

Project Zoning:


Number of Floors:



2018 of Maryland Building Code