Rivera Performing Arts Club

Ms. Rivera, a young singer and entrepreneur, has a vision of opening a music school to make it accessible to everyone and promote class and culture within her community. With her entrepreneurial spirit and unique perspective as a Gen Z individual, Ms. Rivera has selected a department store located in a mall as the ideal venue to bring her vision to life.

To transform the department store into a music school and dance studio for performing arts, Ms. Rivera has enlisted the assistance of the Bitarchitects team. Their primary challenge is ensuring the acoustical suitability of the space while utilizing paneling to minimize disruptions to other functions within the mall.


A. Rivera

Project Location:

Waldorf, MD

Project Type:

Commercial, Space

Project Valuation:

1,072,200.00 USD

Built-Up Area:

3,574 SF

Construction Type:

Type II-B

Project Zoning:


Number of Floors:



2018 International Building Code