Garcia Interior Remodel

Ms. Gracia has nurtured a lifelong dream of owning a daycare center where she can provide exceptional care for children. To turn her vision into reality, she has made the decision to convert her residential apartment into a daycare facility.

In order to accomplish this transformation while adhering to all the necessary code requirements, Ms. Gracia has sought the assistance of Bitarchitects. They are actively supporting her in the process of transforming her single-family apartment into the daycare center she has always dreamed of. By ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations, Bitarchitects is helping Ms. Gracia create a safe and welcoming environment for children in her daycare facility.


J. Garcia

Project Location:

Alexandria, VA

Project Type:

Commercial: Educational Child Care Facilities

Project Valuation:

670,000.00 USD

Built-Up Area: 

4504 SF

Construction Type:

Type III-B

Project Zoning:

R – 4

Number of Floors:



2018 Virginia Building Code