Laveda Salon & School

After the big success of Laveda Boutique in their salon treatments, from nails to lashes to eyebrows, in different locations in  Georgetown and  DC, they are currently seeking to open a cosmetology school to teach and train their new employees to do the work, to keep up with their growth. Bitarchitects is commissioned to build the school and make this possible by working on all requirements needed, from mechanical, to  office spaces, to ADA requirements, and code compliances.


Laveda, LLC | M. Murrell

Project Location:

Alexandria, VA

Project Type:

Commercial: Cosmetology School & Personal Care Services

Project Valuation:

725,000.00 USD

Built-Up Area

3,565 SF

Construction Type

Type III

Project Zoning:


Number of Floors:



2018 Virginia Building Code