Water Valley CT

Due to an unfortunate incident, the inhabitants of the Water Valley Residence were confronted with an unexpected fire outbreak in their main  living room because of an electrical malfunction, resulting in extensive damage to half of their house. Faced with this distressing situation, the residents have decided to view it as an opportunity to initiate a remodelling project that encompasses their long-awaited aspired design, while also incorporating an accessory dwelling unit to serve as an in-law suite for their extended family. To aid them in this endeavour, Bitarchitects has been engaged to provide invaluable assistance in crafting the design concept and preparing comprehensive construction documents.


R. Abu Hamdieh

Project Location:

Springfield, VA

Project Type:

Residential: 1 Family House

Project Valuation:

733,100.00 USD

Built-Up Area:

3,812 SF

Construction Type:

Type III

Project Zoning:

R-3 Residential District, 3 Dwelling Unit

Number of Floors:


Building Code:

2018 Virginia Building Code