In this section, we would like to answer in the simplest way some of the frequently asked questions related to the architecture, construction or interior design of your project. If you have any other questions that are not clarified, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

1. What is Bitarchitects?
Bitarchitects is a boutique design studio, having a group of architects, engineers, interior designers, and visual designers that can help you with your design projects from residential to commercial.

2. Is Bitarchitects a registered firm?
Yes, Bitarchitects is a professional design firm licensed in DC, having architects licensed in DC, MD, VA, CA & NY. Check this link for licenses.

3. Why do I need an architect for my project?
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4. I have a small project, can bitarchitects help me with that?
No project is too small. Bitarchitects has a department catered to help with smaller projects.

5. What is the process of having Bitarchitects help me with my project?
Step 1:
It starts with an initial 30-minute consultancy for free, having one of the firm’s architects discuss the details of the project and how can Bitarchitects serve you.
Step 2:
Sending an agreement for your review.
Step 3:
After reviewing the contracts, the client signs, and pays the deposit to enter into a contractual agreement with the company.

6. Can Bitarchitects help me with permitting?
Yes, Bitarchitects can help you with all your permitting requirements, from building plat issuance to demolition permit to permit submission, and permit expedition.

7. I am seeking a certificate of occupancy for a change of use, can Bitarchitects help me with that?
Bitarchitects has extensive experience with permitting and permit requirements. One of the firms’ architects will discuss with you the need for the certificate of occupancy and then advise you on the next steps.
Usually, it will require a full bundle of exhibits ranging from architectural site plans, As-built plans & elevations, Proposed plans & elevations, sections, full detailed utilities, and construction documentation.
Even if no work is done on the property, the bundle exhibit should be complete for the county to review.

8. Do I need a PE for my residential project?
The answer is based on the project. If your residential personally owned project is not as structurally demanding then a licensed architect would suffice. However, if your residential project is highly demanding, then a PE is necessary to do his part. Any change of structure requires the structural engineer’s calculation and review.

9. Do I need a PE for my commercial project?
The answer is Yes. Any commercial project would require a professional engineer to review and seal, regardless of the extent of the work. In most counties, no permit for a commercial project can be issued without a PE onboard.

10. I want to rent out my basement apartment, but the county is asking me for plans, can you help me with that?
Permitting part of your house for rental is the latest trend. This process is based on the Zoning, permissions of the HOA, and space planning of the basement entity.
The main requirements are a minimum clear height of 7’-0”, a separate entrance, and completely separate mechanical, plumbing, and electrical meters from the main residence.

11. Does Bitarchitects offer payment plans for the projects?
Bitarchitects offers payment plans based on project length. No final work is delivered prior to full payment receiving.