Within the AIA grassroot conference, “Ask An Architect” session was held. Bitar and four others were asked about their architectural backgrounds, careers, and experiences. Bitar took the opportunity to share her passion for sustainable design and how her diverse international background shaped her architectural approach, emphasizing the importance of functionality, aesthetics, and client-focus in contemporary architecture. She discussed her sources of inspiration, including her fascination with colors and nature, and expressed respect for architects like Le Corbusier, Tadao Ando, and Zaha Hadid.

Bitar also shared her ultimate goal of establishing an international architecture company with a focus on equity and accessibility. She hoped to be remembered as an architect who broke the “God Complex” and made people’s dreams come true. Throughout the discussion, she stressed the significance of sustainability and the challenges faced in designing for environmental responsibility, advocating for greater awareness and education to foster more sustainable practices.

To young architects, Bitar offered valuable advice to overcome the sense of superiority in one’s beliefs, decisions, or actions early on in their careers, embrace collaboration, and gain experience through internships. She believed in creating a future of architecture that combined innovation with ethical values and a human-centered approach.

During the questioning, each individual was likely asked about their architectural backgrounds, inspirations, and aspirations for their careers. The purpose of these questions may have been to gain insights into their unique perspectives and approaches to architecture, as well as their potential contributions to the field in the future.

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