On Friday, October 13th, 2023, Bitarchitects convened its advisors at the main offices in Navy Yard, DC, to discuss the company’s performance in the third quarter. The meeting, held as a brainstorming session, delved into Bitarchitects’ achievements amidst the current economic climate.

During the session, Mr. Swindell, the financial and business strategy advisor, presented an in-depth analysis of the industry report, exploring various opportunities within the field. The discussion centered around strategic approaches based on his insights.

Bitarchitects proudly highlighted a significant milestone achieved on Thursday, October 12th, 2023, alongside Ms. Shibru. After meticulous preparation spanning 14 months, Bitarchitects finalized its documents for submission to the DC government for project bidding. This accomplishment is noteworthy considering the company’s status as a startup, having officially commenced operations only in August 2022. Despite its relatively short existence, the company’s achievements underscore its immense potential in the construction and planning sectors.

Notably, the advisors relished a morning breakfast on the rooftop while engaging in the conference meeting. Amidst discussions, plans for a Christmas networking event were also explored, adding a touch of anticipation for future endeavors.

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