On December  20th, 2022,  Bitarchitects team hosted the former Minister of Tourism in Lebanon, Avedis Guidanian.

After welcoming Minister Guidanian, Bitarchitects team introduced  their company’s history and explained their missions and goals. Architecture is one of the main pillars of tourism, used as an attraction for the whole sector, both agreed. The team then took the Minister on a journey through their various projects highlighting the versatility of the work, the adaptability of their team and the power of architecture.  

The presentation aimed to provide a powerful view of architecture, while showcasing a background about Lebanese Architecture in particular, a synergy between the occidental and the oriental art. Lebanese architecture is a diverse and vibrant tradition that has been influenced by a variety of cultural, historical and geographic factors. 

‘’Lebanese Architecture is really impressive and I’m amazed, I feel proud to be Lebanese’’ this is how Minister Guidanian expressed.

The meeting ended with a Q&A, while the team asked Minister Guidanian some tips and tricks about success whereas the Minister answered passionately: “When you have the will to execute, and when you really want to show how you differ from others, your heart will lead your way to success.”

The minister continued: “It is so important to stand up for what you believe in, come back after the adversity, do not dwell on the past, don’t be simply motivated by money, be humble and adaptable, work from your heart and dedicate time for charity; these traits are simple yet not a lot of people work  by them, these traits are the secret to success.”

Minister Guidanian concluded the meeting by insisting that success does not mean that every day is shining, success is a trajectory of small successes and failures crowned by not giving up.

We, at Bitarchitects, extend our unwavering gratitude to Minister Guidanian for his service as minister of tourism, his attendance to our meeting and the important insight he shared.