On Wednesday April 26th, 2023, Bitarchitects virtually hosted, the financial and Business strategy advisor of the company, Mr. Walter Swindel, in progressive action to enhance the connection between the companies’ architectural teams and its own advisory board members.

The team presented the latest architecture and interior design projects of 2023, and explained how important it is to work extensively while paying extreme attention to details and what every client needs to be visualized and translated into architectural reality.

The virtual presentation was adjourned with a series of personal questions to the guest about his views on success. Mr. Swindel wasted no time in stating the importance of a clear work etiquette, the power of discipline and mostly learning from ones’ own mistakes. He said:” in life it wouldn’t be possible that you pass through without any mistake; it is mainly impossible; thus, the best thing to do, is to learn and move on.” 

Mr. Swindel, then focused on “Ethics”. In a world filled with “get-rich-quick” schemes, it is important that young professionals guard their morals, as it is the essence of what makes life worth living. 

Lastly, Bitarchitects always raises the bar high when it comes to its personnel, and always pushes its team members to learn from experienced professionals while setting their goals on how to be successful. 

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