On Thursday, August 18th, 2022, Charity Donation hosted a lunch for children at the Good Shepherd School, Hadath, where Charity Donation has an office, while inviting their counterparts the Bitarchitects team.

At Charity Donation, we aim to spread joy and positivity in these times of struggle, through events such as Goodwill visits and Emergency Relief Campaigns. As such, in order to celebrate the end of the children’s summer term and the successful completion of their exams, the Charity Donation team, aided by members of the Bitarchitects team, distributed various sorts of savory pastries, cakes, and juices.

The two teams worked together in a true show of cooperation and teamwork. Tasks were divided evenly and completed swiftly, as all present members aided one another in doing their work.

Music played throughout the morning and well into the afternoon, as the young students sang along, danced, and played with the members of both teams. A wonderful ambiance filled the school, as children celebrated the beginning of their summer vacation wholeheartedly. 

“I am very grateful for this wonderful opportunity,” said team member Farah Kerbaj, “it is so heartwarming to see that something as simple as food and music can make such a difference. I am so happy to see such joy on their faces.”

The event ended with warm hugs and kisses between the team members and the children, all of whom left with big smiles on their faces. 

We thank the administration at the Good Shepherd School for making this event a possibility and for allowing our teams to spread joy and kindness amongst their student body. It is important to remember the value of joy and happiness during these difficult days: We mustn’t forget that so little hope can shine such a bright light in the darkness of our circumstances.