On Friday, May 19th, 2023, Bitarchitects took part in the AIA DC annual Fellows Dinner that was held at the Cosmos Club in Washington, DC. Bitarchitects was one of the main sponsors of the event whereas founder and managing partner, architect Ms. Terry Bitar, and advisory board member Mr. Charles Sills were both in attendance emphasising their support.

The evening proved memorable as Ms. Bitar and Mr. Sills shared a table with three AIA fellows, including Mr. Lee Quill, Mr. Matthew Bell, and Ms. Brenda Sanchez. The gathering of the city’s most accomplished architects created an atmosphere of inspiration, reinforcing the already exceptional experience.

Ms. Bitar acknowledged the remarkable journey of her company. From overcoming the challenges of the Lebanese economic collapse, to reestablishing Bitarchitects in the United States within a short period of time, Ms. Bitar attributes this success to her determination, hard work, and the support of her team of professionals located worldwide.

Driven by a strong sense of gratitude and a desire to give back, Ms. Bitar continues to emphasise a commitment to assist people, whether through providing opportunities, guidance, or any form of support. 

Believing firmly in the potential for everyone to succeed, Ms. Bitar concluded “The world is full of opportunities and we can all succeed and blossom”. 

Bitarchirects will always remain a force of support and positivity.

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