On Friday, 26th of May, 2023,  Bitarchitects hosted its first advisory board meeting with 4 of its 7 members at the Four Seasons, Georgetown, DC. The meeting concluded with a report filmed by  journalist Alain Dergham of MTV Lebanon to shed light on Bitarchitects and its cross-cultural contribution in the architectural industry.

Ms. Bitar, Founder, and Managing Partner of Bitarchitects, stated, “No one realizes the importance of the Lebanese educational system. Lebanese architects have been able to make significant contributions to architecture in the US, and it is essential to recognize and value their education, which enabled a seamless collaboration with the US. 

Mr. Clark, US Architect with more than 6 decades of experience, serving on the advisory board, was impressed with how highly educated and sophisticated Lebanese architects are, and in tune with the international trends of the field. He stated, “ I acknowledge the intelligence and talent of Lebanese architects. I have been to 86 countries, and one of my goals is to visit Lebanon very soon.”

Mr. Sills, government contracting, serving on the advisory board, discussed the profound historical heritage of Lebanon’s culture and how it has played a significant role in shaping both American and Western architecture, as well as the reciprocal influence between the two cultures. He was very impressed with how cosmopolitan Lebanese people are in general and how business minded they are. He highlighted the ongoing cross-cultural exchange between the two nations in the realm of professional work. 

Bitarchitects’ story serves as an inspiration for the Lebanese community, reviving the American dream, in the dawn of vertical reality working on providing state-of-the-art architectural service, as Lebanon nurtures a thriving architectural landscape.