Evolving a design concept into a comprehensive and viable structure. It involves initial ideation, conceptualization, schematic design, design development, and construction documentation stages. Through collaborative efforts, it integrates creative vision, functional requirements, technical details, and regulatory compliance, aiming to refine and translate ideas into a tangible, buildable architectural solution.

  • Site Visit: A comprehensive on-site examination conducted by specialized site inspectors utilizing advanced technological tools. Through 3D scanning technology, our inspectors meticulously capture the existing space, gathering precise dimensions and detailed compositions. This process yields a comprehensive dataset comprising videos and images that provide professionals with an in-depth understanding of the project’s spatial layout and condition. These visual resources serve as invaluable references, aiding architects, engineers, and designers in comprehending the site’s intricacies and facilitating informed decision-making throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Code Compliance: Identification of all codes specific to the project compliant to its county regulation and within the respective state.
  • Architectural Design: Illustration of the new alteration requested by the client including floor plans, elevations, sections, etc.
  • Utility Design: Illustration of utility floor plans that will include the design of electrical (lighting, power), plumbing (water supply, sewage supply, water heater), HVAC system (supply air and return).
  • Structural Design: Illustration of the main structural features of the project, from foundation to floor framing, roof framing and wall bracing.

Project types:

  • Residential: Single & Multi-Family Homes, Senior Living
  • Institutional/Educational/Child Care
  • Hospitality/Entertainment/Restaurants/Spas
  • Museums, Libraries
  • Building & Space Design: Commercial & Retail

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