Obtaining official approval from relevant government authorities before commencing construction. It typically includes submitting detailed plans, specifications, and other necessary documents for review to ensure compliance with building codes, zoning regulations, environmental standards, and safety requirements. Once the authorities approve the submitted documents, the project receives the necessary permits, allowing construction to begin legally.

  • Building plat: A detailed illustration showing the layout and positioning of a structure within its surrounding environment. It encompasses the building footprint, property lines, access points, landscaping features, utility connections, and often includes nearby structures or amenities. This visual representation aids in understanding how the building integrates with the land and surrounding elements, crucial for design, planning, and obtaining necessary permits for construction.
  • Submission: Presenting the comprehensive documentation and plans for an architectural project to the county’s regulatory authorities.
  • Expedition: Expediting the process of delivering the necessary documentation and plans to the county’s regulatory authorities. This prioritized service aims to accelerate the review and approval process, often utilizing specialized expertise and efficient documentation procedures to streamline the submission. By expediting the permit submission, the project seeks to minimize delays, facilitating quicker approval and allowing construction to commence promptly.
  • Plan review response: Addressing any queries or concerns raised by the county authorities regarding the submitted architectural plans. This service ensures prompt and comprehensive responses to the county’s inquiries, providing detailed explanations, clarifications, or revisions as needed to resolve any issues or questions they may have about the proposed project. The goal is to facilitate a smooth review process, ensuring alignment with regulatory standards and expediting the approval of the architectural plans.

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